Britain Brightens Communications: An overview of BBC

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 12.23.58 AM.pngA news organization has the good, the bad and the ugly. Throughout this semester I have been following as they cover the biggest stories across the pond and around the world. Here is my listicle of the highs and lows this news organization experienced during the past few months:

5. Nature:

~BBC not only covers a wide variety of environmental issues, but also animals in the wild. They explore different species and how the environment impacts them.

~ They have dedicated a whole section to creating wildlife documentaries that are aired on television. They even included a section on how their videographers are able to capture those never before seen footage.

4. Data Visualizations:

~BBC lacks data visualizations. It is very difficult to find one story that includes some form of data. Including data in stories is becoming more important and while BBC excels in other areas, they do not in this category. For example: this article was the only one of many I found that actually included a graph of some form.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.50.24 PM

3. Breaking News:

~Social media coverage of live events is great. BBC has found new ways to interact with the public. For example they post Instagram stories that include polls. That way people can feel they were directly involved with the event unfolding. BBC also has multiple Twitter accounts that allow people to follow the big story and updates along the way.IMG_7268

~While Twitter and Instagram are used heavily, Facebook is used as an outlet to post articles. There are not many live updates on Facebook and I think this could be an area of use in the future.Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 12.09.49 AM

2.Covering the news around the world:

~While only a few news sources cover world wide news, BBC goes out of their way to keep everyone updated. The best example I saw of this was when BBC covered a small incident in Georgia revolving around a teacher who shot a single shot through a high school ceiling. Not even the U.S news outlets covered this story heavily or had coverage at all because it came just days after the Parkland Shooting.

~BBC is able to capture the worlds attention and is a leader in doing so.They cover each event equally and unbiased adding a new twist to their stories just like their mission statement exclaims.

1. Visuals:

~Visuals, visuals, visuals. WOW. Does BBC do a great job with visuals. They even have a whole section dedicated to storytelling through photos. Every story has a visual even if it

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 12.21.40 AMis a small screenshot of a phone. They incorporate a photo of some form in every story.

~While there are a lot of photos, BBC also links to other related articles with even more photos from different angles. They capture the all around feeling of their article with visuals as well as their storytelling.







For the future:

BBC is on the right track. They are up to date with all of the latest trends including social media. However, there are areas that can be improved. Their data visualizations need to be taken to the next level. Without the data visualizations it is hard for readers to understand all of the numbers being thrown at them in fancy words. Other than that BBC is excelling and becoming one of leading news sources around the world. Although based in Britain they are encouraging other news outlets to step up their game and cover more. They are brightening the world of communications.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 12.25.42 AM.png

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