Adjust your Focus

Who knew that the UK could get so cold? The country remains covered in snow and ice as cool air from Russia moves in.

BBC decided to take the purely photo route on this story and it worked. No one wants to sit there and read an article about the weather and how the pressure is going to change. Instead, people want to see pictures and people experiencing this dramatic snowfall. That is exactly what BBC did: A photo story.

Today, people are more intrigued by visuals than words that cross a page. Take a look at these photos from the UK:

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If you ask me, I can feel the emotion behind each one of these photos. If you can feel the emotion and see the story behind the photo, then you are on your way to a successful piece.

However, some visuals just don’t do the trick. For example this far range shot of Dalton High School in Georgia, where a teacher fired off a single shot from a hand gun, does not paint the picture of the incident. Although the article used tweets from local officials, we do not get a clear picture of the shooter, class setting or the arrest.


In a world where visuals have taken over it is vital that every news source include them in their pieces. They tell a story beyond the story and allow the reader to feel the emotions the writer wants to elicit. But it is how you use the visuals, which visuals you include and why you chose the visuals that give a story the full package.


BBC continues to update the UK snowfall on social media platforms. It caught my eye because it had my favorite animal 🙂




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