Olympicle listicle: 6 ways to follow the Olympics without being at the Olympics via Instagram

6.  Follow the Hashtag:

Twitter and Instagram are all about the #. Now Instagram even lets you follow them! To see the latest posts from around the world all you have to do is follow the #Olympics.


5. Real recognizing Real:

There is nothing like a former Olympian giving a current Olympian some hype. See what the past has to say about the present and the future of USA athletes.

4. Crazy attractions in PyeongChang:

A raccoon restaurant??? Only in PyeongChang… Check out some of the coolest locations around the Games and maybe it will plant some ideas on where to visit in the future!

3. Follow the athletes pets:

Reese the Mini Aussie has now become an Instagram sensation thanks to Olympic Gold Medalist Chloe Kim. Athletes are taking their social media game up a notch by creating accounts for their pets! Reese just hit the covers of Sports Illustrated! Check her out!

View this post on Instagram

my big debut featuring my co star

A post shared by Reese (@reesetheminiaussie) on

2. Follow the Athletes:

Lindsay Vonn. If you don’t know the name, well then you must not be watching the Olympics at all. Vonn is one of the most popular USA Olympic Athletes. She competes in Alpine Skiing. If you want behind the scene look into what its like to be an Olympic Athlete look no further than Vonn’s Instagram account.

1. NBC Olympic Stories:

Who wore it best? What is the medal count? How did team USA do last night? With the click of a button you can find all of that on the official NBC Olympics Instagram story. Creating an interactive account, NBC allows the fans not attending the Games to see and engage with daily life in PyeongChang.

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