But first, let me take a Selfie!


No, not left shark; no, not a power outage; no, not another wardrobe malfunction; yes, a selfie kid. Thirteen year old Ryan McKenna stole this years halftime show making his infamous debut by taking a selfie with entertainer Justin Timberlake during hisperformance.

Superbowl halftime shows have generated some of the most memorable on air moments in history. This Superbowl did just that; bringing rise to a young star on the largest stage.

As anyone could see from watching halftime, McKenna froze when Timberlake stood next to him. Grabbing for his phone, Mckenna immediately went in for the selfie. IMG_6487However, once the camera flashed his way he stopped and looked as if he was typing on his phone while a major artist was beside him. That was the moment McKenna turned into an internet sensation. If you go onto any news outlet or social media platform you could not miss selfie kid and his braces.

Standing next to a superstar, being on live television and creating one of the most talked about moments in Superbowl history; Mckenna lived it. How was your Sunday?

For more social media highlights of selfie kid from BBC click on the link.

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