A Mission – Not an Intermission

BBC states that their mission is to enrich people’s lives with programs and services that inform educate and entertain. They value the consumer of their news and believe that creativity is the heartbeat behind their organization.


That is no surprise when you look at their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feed. There have been multiple stories posted throughout the last week that have been eye candy. One example is an Instagram post featuring a woman that does her makeup with real dead bugs. Yup, you read that right. REAL DEAD BUGS!

The post features a short video that uses two or three quotes from the woman that puts these dead bugs on her face. Check her out on Instagram. It is small, but informational posts like this are what separate BBC from other news sources. They are upholding their mission statement by enriching people’s lives through this program. As creativity is the heart of the organization, this story by far takes it to another level.


While monarch butterflies, maggots and beetles on a woman’s face might sound from another world, getting to the nitty gritty news is also important to BBC.

Larry Nassar, USA Gymnastics doctor and Michigan State University Physician, will see nothing but prison bars for the rest of his life. BBC again upholds its mission to inform, educate and entertain the public with this story. Multiple articles surrounding the Nassar case have been released on all platforms of social media and BBC website.

However, BBC did not just throw words onto a page. They presented this story in an entertaining way. While there was reporting, there were also videos and photos, of not just Nassar, but of the women horrifically abused by this man. Audiences keeping up with the story were able to see day to day coverage inside the court room. They were able to feel the emotion without even being there. It allowed the public to hear from those affected rather than the perpetrator. 


It will be interesting to see the new ways that BBC interacts with its viewers. So far, they are entertaining us while we are becoming informed. 


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